Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ennui Unbridled

First time blogging on my phone. It's much more difficult. That said I'll try to keep this short. Only doing this cause this part-time job is a bore. I just need something a little more challenging, where I use my brain a little more. I want to learn! I want constant self-improvement. Can't wait to start at Texas Monthly. Can't wait to start up school again. This part-time job - it takes care of the bills for now so I'm okay with it. I mean, I have to be.

In other words, I picked up one of the best albums I've listened to in quite a while. It's called Hospice by The Antlers. Check it out. It's so poignant. It tears me up inside. I guarantee it will do the same to you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Putzen! Nettoyer! Limpiar! Pulire!

During the 5 hours of meticulously cleaning my kitchen, I thought up this awesome project. The thing about these project ideas that I have is that I'm not sure that I have the time to implement them. Until then, they're just awesome ideas, you know?

Well, this one needs some time to formulate further in my mind. See if it's actually possible to accomplish and maybe, just maybe, I can go forth with it.

For now, I must get back to sleep for tomorrow is another exciting day at my internship. And after that? More crazy cleaning. So far, I've taken care of the stove top and stove coil things, microwave (inside and out), tops of cabinets, refrigerator floor and vegetable drawers, counters and sink. I also organized my food in the refrigerator and my spice cabinet. I arranged them in alphabetical order inside a cabinet designated only for dried herbs and spices. Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first full day off in maybe two weeks. And this is how I spend the day. CLEANING. Wonderful. I also ran errands like crazy.

Tomorrow is oven exteriors, refrigerator exteriors, kitchen tables, pantry and floors. I know that this state of cleanliness will not last long once 1) roommates move into apt [this includes the two new roommates and Victor] and 2) school starts. I just won't have the time.

Maybe I can get my room and bathroom in before semester begins? We'll see.

Until then, check out this image of Penelope Cruz from the set of the upcoming movie musical, Nine. Oh, I cannot wait.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lahat ng Tungkol sa Aking Ina

Shoutout to my mother who reads my blog every now and then.

Busy life means an inability to keep in contact with everyone living a distance greater than 100 miles away. Its awful.

Anyways, it was very nice talking to her and letting her know what's up with my life. But she'd basically pieced together bits and pieces of it through her expert internet researching abilities. Even though she reads up on me, we're still not facebook friends. That's just far too intimate.

Been blogging more in my free-time. Hmm... oh, that's right, because now that summer school is over and The Daily Texan has wrapped up until the start of the fall semester, I've got a little bit of time on my hands. Magnifique. Unfortunately, I've pretty much given up on blogging strictly about food. It's such a process.

Not much else going on. Gonna have to start making this ratatouille soon. My vegetables are getting kinda old now. I don't know how to make a classic ratatouille at all, but I'm just gonna... well... make my own version of it.

I wonder if she cares that I'm posting up her [facebook profile] picture?
This is my mother, whom I adore.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ideas Overflow My Mind

I'm not sure what I'm doing at home on a Saturday night. It seems like it's the first night I've had off in over a week (9 or 10 days). So I think I'm just taking it easy. Sucks that I've got this thing looming over my head that I have to do before Monday. I mean, it's a super simple task but it still looms and looming's no good. Watch a couple films. Easy. Marketing/pre-distribution strategies. Not bad. Still looms.

I've had an awesome week and things seem to be going forward. But there's still something missing. I know what it is.

Much of it is tangible.

One, a blackberry.

I have a whole campaign that I've been working on to pitch to my mom regarding my investment in a smart phone. She adamantly opposes the smart phone. But I want/need one for these reasons.
  1. To better connect myself with the world (never home, always out and about, current phone plan not so stellar - 250 txts/month. Really, mom?)
  2. To increase my marketability in the job world (dependable, contactable, etc.)
Two, a good DSLR (Canon 5D, maybe?). I really want to launch a multimedia project this fall. But what's the point if I haven't got the equipment that I need to execute? Maybe I'll be able to check out equipment from the photo-j department again this semester? Let me make sure that I can before even attempting this project inspired by the Times. Maybe if I cut out all of my clips from The Daily Texan and present it to my parents all bound up and nice, they'll be overcome by sheer joy that they'd go out and buy me one?

Just kidding. These are missing from my life but it's not what I really need right now. Although, I'd still love to have them. We'll see.

In other words, Miyazaki's Ponyo is out in theaters now and it's receiving stellar reviews. Need to see it. Recently saw District 9. Social commentary very evident. Do not eat food while watching. Just a warning.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Beginning and End of Things

Mid-August means...

FINISHING summer school
COMPLETING my first semester as a photographer at The Daily Texan
CATCHING up on sleep
GETTING hired as a Marketing Intern at Texas Monthly!!!
INCREASING hours at a job that pays (minimum wage, blerg)
BEING the happiest I've been in quite a while
MISSING old friends (Rachel! Massiel!)
GROWING excitement about upcoming fall semester
ADDING two recipes to my repertoire (potato gratin & vichyssoise)
FEELING like I accomplished something this summer
Successfully BUILDING my resume

Looking forward to what the near-future has in store for good ol' Edmarc!!!
(This boy is in motion!)

Oh, how the summer has passed me by.

My first photo published by The Daily Texan (in the first edition of the summer). This is also the first in a series of many wild art shots by many photographers that involved kids and water.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 1st means Lifestyle Changes

New DIEtary restrictions are killing me softly. It's been 3 days. Maybe it's because I've got nothing in my pantry/fridge that adheres to these rules? And therefore, I'm just ill-prepared to start this. Anyways, gonna have to start going to Central Market.

What's in this week's potential lineup for food?
-Potato Gratin
-a crap load of pasta
-lots of bowls of cereal
-maybe some sort of spinach & garbanzo bean salad
-vichyssoise (cold French leek & potato soup)

I wonder how much weight I'll lose by the end of the month? Let's guesstimate. I'm hoping for 5 lbs. Then I'll be at my optimal target weight.