Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tilapia over Orzo

Wanted Salmon. Too expensive. Went for a cheaper alternative, felt like Sandra Lee. Anyways. I seared the tilapia first, then poured a melted butter/lemon juice/lemon zest mixture over them in a flat kinda casserole dish. Some garlic, some rosemary, some sauteed onions. Baked the fish in the juices and herbs topped with two thin slices of lemon (more acid!). It was delicious. Every time I bit into an onion, it was a burst of citrusy, acidic, tart flavor.

This was actually the first time I had orzo. I really liked it as a much easier to cook version of rice. Much lower maintenance. I just mixed the orzo with olive oil, some rosemary, some Parmesan and some Gruyere (my favorite cheese!). It was pretty mild compared to the strong flavors I cooked with the fish but it was a nice compliment.

Anyways, nothing too fancy but I had to blog about something. It's been far too long. And I successfully seared something. I was really proud. Because the searing didn't cook the fish all the way, just created this brown crust on the bottom. Then the baking finished cooking it through. It was so nice and flaky.

Anyways, happy Bastille Day. Made some croque-monsieurs for myself to celebrate this national French holiday.

OH. Also, last Saturday, I went to Blue Dahlia Bistro on 11st street (eastside in the historic French district) here in Austin, TX. Absolutely delicious. I ordered a prosciutto, mozzarella, pesto tartine. MMmmm. It was divine. Brought friends there too. One ordered a ham and cheese (super lame) and the other ordered smoke salmon (garnished with dill) and didn't eat it because he thought it was raw and got scared (super, super lame). But I ate it and it was so good. Salmon is just so flavorful. Not well-versed in the fish arena so it's nothing big when I say that salmon's probably my favorite.

Au Revoir!