Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tastes: Food + Music

Food: I think I've successfully transitioned back to carnivore land. I eat meat actually pretty regularly since I went home for the holidays. My mom's turkey/ham/etc. opened up a pandora's box for me. I called this early period "flexitarian" but I think it's full-fledge meat-eating now. Although it's usually at restaurants that I do this. At home, I still prefer veg options.

Music: I love pop music and I love Scandinavian music and most of all, I love Scandinavian pop music, but I think my taste for music is transition into electronic once again. It changes so often. Let's see where this goes.

Goals: Trance and maybe France

1. Attend a house / electro / trance party this year. Currently listening to Ch√Ęteau Flight's "Cosmic Race." Excellent!

2. Visit aforementioned friends in France. Or if that's not possible, I'd still like to get out of the country. Canada, Central/South America? We'll see.

Highlights: Departures, Offers, and Swimmers

Keeping tabs on my 2011 goings-on. Let's see if I can do this.

On January 4, one of my good friends, who I will endearingly call Gogo, left for France. What that means is I was in kind of a funk for a couple days. I gave him the best going away present though -a Texas license place! Straight from my car!

On January 10, I got a full-time offer from Facebook! What that means is I can carry on with my final semester at UT without having to worry about employment upon graduation. I feel very, very fortunate.

On January 16, I went to my first swim meet, which turned out to be a pretty legit one that had world class swimmers participating. What that means is I got to see Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (among other big name Olympians) swim. It was pretty legendary.

Hoping that other funtastic things happen in 2011! I'm hugely optimistic :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Recap

Just a quick note to help me remember why 2010 was such a great year.
  • I made some life changes after realizing that I do things because I think they'd be good for me and my future and not because I like doing them. After making an important academic decision, I lifted a heavy weight from my shoulders and I became happy again. Thanks, Professor Adams!
  • Spent the summer in Sunnyvale, CA and fell in love with San Francisco
  • Met a lot of great people while I was in California, including but not limited to Geetanjali (Berkeley), Mai (North Carolina), some Canadian folk from Toronto (Waterloo), and my roomie Evan (who now works for HP). I definitely still keep up with a lot of them and I'm glad that I made such good friends while I was there.
  • Worked for Palm / HP - my first paid internship ever. I'm still incredibly thankful for this opportunity and grateful to my hiring manager, David, who gave it to me. I applied thinking it was a longshot, but I ended up getting it. That I'm a fan of Wes Anderson, that I blog, and that I'm a UT student helped I think (he's a UT alum). They paid for my flight, my apartment, and lent me a bike. Best thing that's happened to me so far.
  • Saw Lady Gaga live in concert for free. Tickets cost $200! The experience was such a blast.
  • I had a guy fall in love with me, ask me on a date, and pretty much creeped on me for a week. I'm definitely not used to that and I was really uncomfortable then, but now it makes for a funny story.
  • Met a lot of great people in the Fall 2010 semester, including a lot of foreign exchange students from Europe who I plan on visiting if I ever find myself over there. Hugo & David of Toulouse, France; Veronika of Prague, Czech Republic; and Mads of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Went to New York for the first time ever and got to see a lot of Manhattan and some of Brooklyn.
  • On December 14, I got out of the subway and found myself in Bryant Park, where I checked my messages and found out that a company wanted to extend to me an offer for full-time employment. Ecstatic, I called my mom and told her the good news. It was freezing balls, but it was such a great moment. I won't forget it.
  • Finally, I got all A's in the Fall 2010 semester, the first time since +/- system went into effect.
I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of things that made the year so great, but I think I've highlighted the major events.

2011 is starting off a little slow, but I don't doubt that it will a great one, too. 2010 might be a little tough to top, but I'm optimistic. Very optimistic.