Monday, September 14, 2009

Design Trumps Humanities

Currently enjoying this visual design class very much.
Loving working on InDesign.
Typefaces are wonderful.
Unfortunately, this is taking away the focus from some of my other classes. Joyce, American English, Portuguese.

Still trying to strike a balance between everything going on in my life: school, work, internship, community service, extracurricular activities, wasting time on social networking sites, sleep, social life (slowly beginning to lose grasp of the meaning of these last two words).

Wilco, I love you.
Jeff Tweedy, I love you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September's Embers Rekindle then Dwindle

Start of the new school year. What does this mean? WELL, after a fantastic summer working as a staff photographer for The Daily Texan, I have decided that it would not be in my well-being (aka my health) to continue in a paid position this semester given my heavy work/course load. I talked with my very rational photo editor and we decided that I could apply as a volunteer instead. No commitments and no obligations, but I'll still be able to come shoot when I can. I think this will be good because otherwise, I would stop taking pictures and I would be deeply saddened by this.

Unfortunately, becoming a volunteer would also mean I would probably not have the opportunity to do sports. Maybe next semester? At least, I was able to dip my toe this past summer, photographing an open practice the football team had. It was an enjoyable experience, too.

Above is the photo that was printed in the paper. Not bad for my first time? Wish I could have more opportunities. Oh, the wealth of opportunities that comes along with working for the newspaper. That's one of the biggest things I'll miss -- the opportunities, experiencing things I normally never would.

Digression: I should probably upload these onto my newly-created flickr (check the sidebar for a link). I feel like I'm on every Web 2.0 website ever created. It's hard managing them all, but I gotta do what I can.

Positive Note: I can get involved with other organizations on campus and in the community. I decided to continue teaching ESL at Casa Marianella. And I'm also weighing out the pros & cons of getting involved with three other organizations on campus -- trying to figure out which ones fit my interests/schedule best.

Side note: My stint at B-Side ends this week. Texas Monthly begins next week. Keeping the momentum rolling!